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The Star-Spun Web

Written by Sinéad O’Hart

Hi everyone!
This book review is on Sinéad O’Hart’s fabulous tale, The Star-Spun Web. Like her first book, The Eye of the North (which I’ve already reviewed), this is a vividly described, colourful, exciting, ‘unputdownable’ adventure. Although the two stories are not related, we once again have a brave, intelligent, strong-willed young girl as the main character, who’s ready to take on the world to do the right thing. Armed with nothing but a strange time-travel device, Tess and her pet tarantula, Violet, set off across parallel universes in a bid to discover who she really is and what the device is for, and to stop the devious Mr Cleat from succeeding at his dark and dangerous plan. This book left us breathless – we all loved it!