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The Eye of the North

Written by Sinéad O’Hart

Hey Bookmonsters!
Thanks for dropping by for my latest book review. I read this book for Ireland Reads – Ireland’s first National Reading Day. The Eye of the North is a thrilling adventure by Sinéad O’Hart. Young, gutsy Emmeline goes in search of her parents – a search that takes her to the icy wastelands way up North. There lurks a tremendous creature in the depths of the glaciers, whose power attracts the attention of some dangerous characters. Can Emmeline and her friends reach it before their power-hungry foes do?

This is Sinéad O’Hart’s first book and it is pure G.E.N.I.U.S.! I will review her next book, The Star-Spun Web, very soon. Keep an eye out for it! And in June 2021, the prequel to The Eye of the North is due out. It’s called Skyborn and will most definitely also be reviewed here! Oh, and I almost forgot – The Eye of the North also features in my Top Ten reads! Why not check out my Top Ten video to discover its ranking?!

P.S. We were also interviewed on radio (on Morning Ireland, RTE Radio 1) as part of the Squeeze in a Read initiative for Ireland Reads Day. Check out the link to the interview over on our Spotlight page!