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The Storm Keeper’s Island

Reviewed by Bookmonstress Méabh
Author: Catherine Doyle
Book 1 of 3 in Storm Keeper series

Hi everyone and welcome to my latest book review!
This one is on the first book in Catherine Doyle’s Storm Keeper trilogy, called The Storm Keeper’s Island. It’s a fantastical tale full of adventure, myth and magic. When Fionn and his sister Tara are sent to stay at their grandfather’s home on the island of Arranmore, the otherwise quiet Fionn discovers that there’s a lot more to Arranmore than meets the eye. In fact his very arrival on the island seems to set something in motion. Something deep beneath the surface. As Fionn learns the island’s secrets from his grandfather – the Storm Keeper of Arranmore – the battle for the next Storm Keeper begins. What a breathtaking tale! NO SPOILERS!!