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Written by Sinéad O’Hart
Prequel to The Eye of the North

Hey everyone!
I’m quite excited about this book review! Why? It’s my first time reviewing a brand-new book. Skyborn by Sinéad O’Hart was only released four days ago! Because we had it pre-ordered from the bookshop Halfway up the Stairs, we got it just as it was released – actually one day before! I started reading right away and finished it the next day! This thrilling “steampunk” adventure follows a boy called Bastjan – and his friends – in his quest to save the circus that he calls home, recover his mother’s precious box and avert certain disaster. You know, I had to look up the word “steampunk”, as I had seen it being used to describe Skyborn, but I had no clue what it meant! But now that I know, it makes perfect sense! This is my new favourite from Sinéad O’Hart! It was such a gripping tale and so full of imagination. Read it and you’ll see what I mean.

BTW, here’s the link to my first ever #Shorts video on YouTube: Sinéad O’Hart bookplates