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#Shorts: Return to the Secret Lake

Reviewed by Bookmonstress Méabh
Author: Karen Inglis
Book 2 of 2 in The Secret Lake series

Hi Bookmonsters!
We have an exciting new #Shorts video for you – Bookmonstress Méabh is giving you a sneak preview of the new Karen Inglis book, Return to the Secret Lake – the much-anticipated sequel to The Secret Lake. This page-turner combines some great time-travel conundrums with fascinating historical facts and true friendship. Due for release in early March 2022. The full ‘regular’ review of the book will follow here after the book’s release. NO SPOILERS!!

Bookmonstress Méabh’s full review of Return to the Secret Lake is now also available:

One thought on “#Shorts: Return to the Secret Lake

  1. Your review of Return to the Secret Lake was spot on. I, too, read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The relationships between the children, so caring and kind, really made the book special for me. Wondering what other adventures Karen will cook up to entertain us. Thanks!

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