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Shipwreck Island

Written by Struan Murray
Book 2 of 2 in Orphans of the Tide series

Hey there Bookmonsters!
Cian here today with another book review! This one is on Shipwreck Island, the thrilling sequel to Struan Murray’s Orphans of the Tide (which I reviewed here a few months ago). This is another exciting fantasy adventure about Ellie and Seth. It picks right up where Orphans of the Tide left off – so more or less just after their escape from the island known as The City, which they had thought was the last place left in the world after the Drowning. But after three months at sea on a small raft, they finally wash up on a tropical island that looks like it might just be the paradise they’d been dreaming of. Not all is as idyllic as it seems, however, and soon Ellie and Seth, together with their new-found friends, are facing all sorts of unexpected challenges. This is a worthy sequel to Struan Murray’s debut novel, Orphans of the Tide. It kept us on the edge of our seats, that’s for sure! Please read – you won’t be disappointed! And fingers crossed there will be a third book coming soon …