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Written by Katherine Rundell

Hi bookmonsters!
A new book review is ready for you today – the fabulous Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell. And you’re guaranteed to love this one! I certainly did! It has such an original and unusual storyline: Sophie – aged one – gets rescued from a cello case floating in the ocean after her ship goes down, grows up in London with her eccentric rescuer Charles, flees from the authorities – aged twelve – to Paris to go in search of her missing mother, discovers a secret world above the streets of Paris, joins forces with a roof urchin named Matteo to scour the city for her mother. Sounds fun, right?!
The whole story is based on believing that an almost impossible crazy dream might actually be possible – that Sophie’s mother didn’t drown when the ship sank, but is alive and well, and living in Paris. I really loved Sophie’s mantra that you should “never ignore a possible”. And it is VERY possible that you will love this story as much as I did!