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October, October

Reviewed by Bookmonstress Méabh
Author: Katya Balen

Hi Bookmonsters!
I have another book review for you today – it’s on October, October by Katya Balen. This is such a beautiful book – not only is the story itself wonderful, but so is the cover art. And the fact that it features my favourite animal, the owl, makes it extra special!
This book tells the tale of 11-year-old October, who had been living a very wild, natural life with her father in the woods, but has to move in with her mother in London after her father has an accident and is hospitalised. For October, the move from her peaceful world in the forest to noisy city life is very alarming and she finds it hard to settle. Luckily, she has her owl friend, Stig, and her new friend and mudlarking buddy, Yusuf, to keep her company through the difficult transition. This book is all about family, friendship, freedom and nature. You will find it hard to tear yourself away! NO SPOILERS!!