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Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island

Written by Gillian Philip
Books 1 to 5 in Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island series

Hey everyone!
Today’s book review is looking not just at one book, but at an entire series – the Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island by Gillian Philip. A wonderful, magical series with a real detective feel to it – a must for anyone who’s into solving mysteries and who likes Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven series. The tale follows siblings Molly and Jack and their cousin Arthur on their various hair-raising adventures on Ravenstorm Island. Absolutely thrilling stuff!

Unfortunately, readers will be super disappointed to discover that only the first two books in the series got published in English, while the ENTIRE series of five books only came out in German. Why?!?! We were lucky and were able to read them all in German, but we’d like to see the whole set published in English, so that all you young detectives out there get to enjoy the full Ravenstorm Island experience! Hands up those in favour of a full English series. Send us your vote via comments or post your comment in YouTube, below my video! And by the way, you might to want to check out the video on my TOP TEN favourite books, as Book 3 features in there, too!

The books with their German and [would-be] English titles are as follows:

  1. Die verschwundenen Kinder / The Lost Children
  2. Das Geisterschiff / The Ship of Ghosts
  3. Der Mondsteinturm / [The Secret of Moonstone Tower]
  4. Der Schattenwald / [The Wood of Stolen Screams]
  5. Der schlafende Drache / [The Curse of the Dragon]