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Méabh’s TOP TEN favourite books

Favourites in 2021

Hi Bookmonsters!
Something a bit different today – it’s not a proper “book review”. Instead, I’m going to reveal my current TOP TEN favourite books in English (with one exception … a German/English book!) and tell you a bit about the storyline of each one. I can hardly wait! It wasn’t as easy as I thought to put this Top Ten list together, because I have so many favourites! While I was pretty clear on which books were going to be in my top three, I had to move lots of other books on and off the list and juggle them around until I was satisfied. But it was A LOT of fun making this list and coming up with the short reviews for each book. I hope you have as much fun watching it as I had making it!

And if you’d like me to read and review your favourite book, please let me know by sending me a comment here or posting a comment below my video in YouTube. I will probably do another Top Ten in a few months from now and maybe your favourite will be on it!

Here are the books in alphabetical order (by author), so as not to give anything away just yet! (I’ve also included the links to the book reviews I’ve already posted on Bookmonster.)