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Written by Cornelia Funke
Book 1 of 3 in Inkheart series

Hi fellow bookmonsters!
Here is an exciting new book review for you – it’s on the first book in Cornelia Funke’s eponymous Inkheart trilogy. Actually, it’s no longer a trilogy, as a fourth book was just recently announced! (The original story was written in German – Tintenherz – so this is a translation.) And we only discovered today that there’s even a movie of this book too! Without giving away too much, this is the story of a teenage girl and her dad, who are desperately trying to get the mom back. The dad has the magical ability to read characters in and out of storybooks, and he accidentally read his wife into the Inkheart story. Lots of adventure, magic and fun guaranteed!

I loved this book so much that it is currently one of my Top Ten reads! Why not check out my Top Ten video to discover Inkheart’s ranking?!