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When the Sky Falls

Reviewed by Bookmonster Cian
Author: Phil Earle

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In this book review video, I am reviewing a new TOP favourite of mine. It’s called When the Sky Falls by Phil Earle. Inspired by a true story, this heart-warming tale totally blew me away. I was hooked right from the first page – well actually, right from the fantastic book cover and the blurb. It’s 1941, WW2 is raging and London is in the thick of the Blitz. Joseph is a 12-year-old boy who is angry at the world around him and quite alone. No longer able to deal with him, his gran sends him to London to stay with a friend of hers. Mrs F is a stern, no-nonsense lady and she puts Joseph to work in her city zoo. He is charged with the task of watching over Adonis, an enormous silverback, for fear the gorilla’s cage would be damaged by a blast. The book was heart-stopping, heart-breaking, heart-warming – I absolutely loved it and I’m sure you will too! And it’s not just suitable for children either – it is for all ages. NO SPOILERS!!

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The Mask of Aribella

Reviewed by Bookmonstress Méabh
Author: Anna Hoghton

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Today’s book review is on Anna Hoghton’s debut novel, The Mask of Aribella. This is a magical, rich tale of mystery, intrigue, adventure and friendship, and it has catapulted itself straight into my Top Ten! Set in Venice, young Aribella discovers she possesses secret powers just one day before her 13th birthday. These powers not only get her into trouble with the law, they also get her discovered by the Cannovacci, a secret society of magical warriors sworn to protect Venice from the evil spectres. And they need Aribella’s help! Aribella must learn to navigate not just the canals and dangerous waters of Venice, but also her new life as a Cannovacci. NO SPOILERS!!

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Reviewed by Bookmonster Cian
Author: Alex Scarrow
Book 1 of 9 in TimeRiders series

Hi everyone!
I’m very excited about this book review – it’s on the first book in Alex Scarrow’s TimeRiders series. After reading this a couple of months ago and absolutely loving it (and going on and on about it!), I got the TimeRiders set for Christmas! So now I’m really looking forward to continuing the adventure!
I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I mean, you only have to read the blurb on the back to know it’s going to be utterly fantastic. Go ahead and read it now – then you’ll know what I ‘m talking about. (So – have you read it? Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Like, how can you NOT be intrigued, right?!)
The series follows a group of teens who are plucked from various fatal situations to become a team. They are not ‘rescued’ as such, but recruited by a secret time-travel agency to fix seriously broken historical events. The characters are regular kids from different backgrounds and different times. They are clever and each one has a special skill. You can expect gripping storylines, tonnes of edge-of-seat action, some crazy time-travel twists and turns, and really great writing. I loved the history aspect, too, as you end up learning about various time periods and historical events. Although the time travel can be complex at times, it’s not so confusing that you can’t follow it. Alex Scarrow does a great job making sense of it! It’s a fantastic adventure that suits young teens – boy or girl – and even adults. NO SPOILERS!!

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Reviewed by Bookmonster Cian
Author: Kristin Cashore
Book 1 of 4 in Graceling Realm series

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My book review today is on the first book in a new series I’ve just started – Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Not a ‘new’ series – but new for me! The series is called Graceling Realm and comprises four books. While Graceling is the first book, it is followed by a prequel – Fire – and then two sequels – Bitterblue and Winterkeep.
So, you’ve got the main character, Katsa, who was born with what is known as a ‘grace’, so a special skill. Some skills are worth having, other less so. But Katsa’s seems the worst of all – killing. And she is forced to use it for her king’s (who is also her uncle) nasty purposes. But all that changes when she meets Prince Po, rescues his kidnapped grandfather and learns the truth behind her grace. It’s a cool read and I’m looking forward to getting the next in the series. Because it has a little romance in it, I’d recommend this book for children aged 13 and up. NO SPOILERS though!!