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Cian’s TOP FIVE favourite book covers

Favourites in 2021

Hi everyone!
Not a book review today, guys, but something a little different – we’re going to take a look at my current Top Five favourite book covers. Yep – I am going to JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! Let’s be honest, some book covers just jump right off the bookshelf at you, don’t they?! In bookshops or libraries, all those shelves laden with books, all of them vying for your attention, calling to you “pick me, pick me”! You can’t help but be influenced by the cover!

So this is just a little nod to all those illustrators, author-illustrators, artists, designers out there. It can’t be easy to design an eye-catching, crowd-pleasing book cover. Tastes vary so greatly and what appeals to one reader, will barely register with another. These are my favourite book cover designs … at the moment! And the books themselves are great too! I’ll review the list in a few months from now and see if any new covers have muscled their way into my top five!

  1. DEEPLIGHT by Frances Hardinge | Cover by Aitch | Typography by Kate Forrester
  2. HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling | Cover by Jonny Duddle
  3. WARRIOR CATS, Morgenröte by Erin Hunter (German edition of WARRIOR series) | Cover by Hanna Hörl
  4. ANIMOX, Die Stadt der Haie by Aimée Carter (German edition of SIMON THORN series) | Cover by Frauke Schneider
  5. GARGANTIS by Thomas Taylor | Cover by George Ermos