Hi there! Hoi zäme!

Welcome to our BOOKMONSTER website! We are a children’s book review channel over on YouTube, providing lots of helpful hints and reviews of books – for children by children! And WE are those children! We are Bookmonster Cian and Bookmonstress Méabh, a brother and sister book-reviewing duo. And we love nothing more than to munch our way through books! Morning, noon and night!

As a way to pass some time during the Covid pandemic and all the lockdowns here, we started making video reviews of the books we read, and then posting them on YouTube. Okay, it was partly our Mom and Dad’s fault idea – they told us to do something “useful” because we were spending too much time on screens, blah, blah, blah. So, together, we started the YouTube channel BOOKMONSTER. And we totally love it!

We write all our own reviews, our Dad looks after all the filming and editing stuff, and our Mom takes care of the rest – texts for here and YouTube, and the social media pages. (Now who’s spending too much time in front of a screen, huh?!)

For us, the best thing about reading is how time just flies by (pretty helpful in lockdowns), and also how you can dive into all sorts of new universes and create little movies inside your own head. We would love to think that our reviews give you new book ideas or maybe even inspire you to take up reading.

Reading certainly helped us a lot. When we moved here in 2018 from Switzerland, our English was pretty basic and our accents were … well, kinda strong! But worse still, we had never really read in English. Our mom had always read to us, but whenever we read by ourselves, it was in German. So we started out here with small, easy books and then worked our way up from there. Our local library was fantastic, as we were able to borrow piles and piles of books to get us started. We still use the library a lot – even during lockdown they would deliver books to our door!

What else? Oh yeah, we have three cats – Luna, Shadow and Fern. They don’t like that we’re getting all the fame, so they like to drop into the odd video! Sometimes our Dad edits them back out, but not always … be sure to watch out for them!

Please drop by from time to time to see what books we’ve been reading. And if you like what you see, maybe even like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on social media (Twitter and Facebook).

Thanks and bye!!

C & M